Abstract Title
Research quality of the various abstract categories at AMEE: Is there a difference?


1. C Krishnasamy
2. Ong YH
3. Wong WC
4. HY Neo
5. WS Lim


2II Evaluation of teaching/Educational research


1,2. National Healthcare Group - Health Outcomes & Medical Education Research (HOMER)
3,5. Tan Tock Seng Hospital - Department of Geriatric Medicine
4. Tan Tock Seng Hospital - Department of Palliative Medicine

  • The AMEE annual conference is an international meeting platform for medical and healthcare professionals from around the world.
  • A variety of formats are used for the presentation of research results at the AMEE annual conference, and a couple of categories have different word limits.
  • PhD/research paper and short communications are commonly perceived as being more prestigious than poster presentations. However, Zdravkovic (2011) reported that there is no difference in research quality of poster versus short communications for AMEE 2010 abstracts.


  • To determine if there is a difference in research purpose, study design, and aims statement between different AMEE abstract categories.
Summary of Work

Summary of Results

  • Our results support a difference in research purpose, study design and aims statement among the different AMEE abstract categories.
  • More PhD/ research papers use non-experimental study designs, have clear study aims, and a clarification purpose.
  • Cook, D. A., Bordage, G., & Schmidt, H. G. (2008). Description, justification and clarification: a framework for classifying the purposes of research in medical education. Medical Education, 42(2), 128-133.
  • Zdravkovic, M. & Hrzic, R. (2011). Non-displayed posters at AMEE 2011 conference: magnitude of the problem and causality. AMEE 2012 Conference abstracts. Lyon, France.
Summary of Work
Summary of Results
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